Adobe Xd windows版开放内测

Adobe Xd windows版内测申请地址,开放内测啦

Adobe experience design cc--Adobe Xd八月十六日再次迎来更新,但仍然没有windows版,官方表示windows版预计年内发布,目前已经可以申请内测,官方公布了内测地址,填写完表单之后,官方每月会抽取50位幸运用户加入内测,表单中一共涉及26个问题:
1Please tell us your first name and your last name:*
2What country do you live in?*
3What’s your email?*
4Which of the following best describes your main professional role?*
5How many years of experience do you have in your role?*
6What kind of company do you work for*
7How many people do you have on your team (including you)?*
8In total, about how many designers work at your organization?*
9Are you a Creative Cloud subscriber?*
10Do you currently use Adobe XD?
11What desktop platform do you use?*
12What mobile devices do you use?*
13In which prerelease app are you interested in?
14What types of projects do you work on?*
15During work, you interact with:*
16What do you use to create wireframes?*
17What do you use to design?*
18What do you use to create prototypes?*
19What do you use to generate redlines or specs?*
20Do you use plugins?*
21What do you use to manage projects?*
22What do you use to manage and share assets?*
23How much time do you expect you'll have to prerelease test Adobe XD, including building design projects and giving feedback to the team?*
24In your opinion, what’s missing in XD for you to start working on real projects? Please be honest!
25Enter an invitation code if you have one? (Optional)
26Why do you want to join the Adobe XD prerelease program?


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